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From learning to swim all way through to cultivating Olympic talent, Swimming NZ has an ever evolving story. Which we’re proud to be part of as their full service agency partner. Ushering in a new era of the sport, the mission is to reach deeper into our communities and help get more people swimming more often. 

Very few sports have the ability to touch peoples lives in the way swimming does. As a nation of small islands in the south pacific, swimming is in our DNA. So it's special for us to be able to share the moments, memories and spirit of what makes Swimming in NZ unique. 

Client: Swimming New Zealand

Year: 2020 - 2022

Engaging the audience on a whole new scale, our swimming New Zealand brand channels are pushing the status quo of national sporting organisations and diving deeper into what Swimming means to our communities. 


Working alongside the community to craft a clean cut platform that offers users a seamless experience when engaging with Swimming New Zealand. While encapsulating the core virtues of the organisation moving forward. 


Daring to challenge the status quo of national sporting organisations. Dive to survive get’s up close and personal with our sports brightest stars to uncover the deep rooted rivalries and engage our audience in a way they’ve never seen before. 

Photography & Videography

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