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Fuse Hayden’s humble, progressive & minimalist character into an authentic monogram that is instantly recognisable amongst sport and luxury icons. 

Working with the man himself to channel his current stardom and future legacy.

Client: Hayden Wilde

Year: 2020 - 2022

The design has been specifically crafted to say what it needs too, and nothing more. The mark of the man is the talking he does on race day. 

Brand Identity

Fusing forward thinking progressiveness with clean cut minimalism. Hayden’s re-imagined website is a hub for fans to connect with Hayden’s latest adventures. 


From Whakatane to the world. Signing as a global athlete for Specialized has been a dream for Hayden since he first learnt to pedal. It was the greatest honour for us to capture that moment. 

Photography & Videography

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