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Work with Ironman Age Group World Record holder Dr. Dan Plews to create a range of videos explaining the sessions and benefits of the  Zwift Academy Tri.

Helping over 150,000 Zwifters across the globe take their performance to the next level with a curated workout experience and videos to match.

Client: Zwift Academy Tri

Year: 2020

Zwift is the app that turns indoor training
into a game. With 150,000 athletes taking on the Zwift Academy Tri, this global community test themselves against Dan's sessions in hope of making the Zwift team. 


Zwift Academy doesn't only build fitness. The program helps every athlete chase their dream to realize their potential.


Helping every Zwift Academy Tri athlete improve their performance. Dr. Dan Plews shares his knowledge to help every athlete reach to their full potential.


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