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Create a series of video content to be used across social media, website and other digital channels that speaks to TRIQ's key features and user experience.

Travelling over 3,500km to bring together world champion athletes and passionate amateurs in 5 locations across 2 islands. This project was an all or nothing pursuit.

Client: Triq Triathlon

Year: 2021

Guiding users through the TRIQ training journey, this versatile hero video was produced to make a meaningful first impression on both web and social media. Giving users a hands on feel for the features and benefits of training with TRIQ. 


Capturing the core moments in training where athletes interact with TRIQ to build a library of content for varied use across website, marketing campaigns and social media. 


TRIQ has science at the heart of everything it does. So we needed to build a motion graphics set that gave users a glimpse of how TRIQ monitors their data in real time and makes quick adjustments on the fly. 


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