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Create an immersive social media identity that invites users to stay where the world can't find you. Fusing modern architecture with untouched nature, Annandale has created an inspiring presence.

Bringing this larger than life experience to a digital world of compressed thinking. Meant we needed to step outside the small squares and immerse users in a scroll stopping feeling.

Client: Annandale

Year: 2021

Annandale's global reputation as a luxury trendsetter meant we needed to push beyond the small squares to bring a larger than life experience to social media. 


Fusing modern architecture with untouched nature. We wanted to give users an experience of what it's like to be immersed in the Annandale landscapes and details. 


Connecting with the audience more than ever before. This immersive experience helped to double Annandales engagement rate and triple their unique reach. 


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